Jeppe Boats and Blades

Whisky & Spirits Bespoke Tasting
Fundrasing Event

Date: Saturday, 21 May 2022
Time: 17h30 for 18h00
Venue: Jeppe High School for Boys, Memorial Hall

190 tickets available
Ticket price: R 450 including VAT single ticket
Table price: 10 tickets R 4050 including VAT (buy 9 get one free)

Dinner (sit-down)
Auction of Memorabilia
Launch of History of Jeppe Rowing and the option to pre-order your copy
Bar service available

Our mission as Jeppe Boats and Blades is to equip Jeppe Rowing with the equipment needed to compete at the highest level and to make a positive impact on the sport of rowing at national and international levels.
We believe that Jeppe, as a public school, is best placed to lead the way by using the sport of rowing as a means to develop young people, regardless of their background and circumstance. We aim to facilitate an opportunity to all students, through their personal development and collective experiences, to grow into strong leaders who can build a future for all.

Jeppe Boats and Blades (“JBB”) is a voluntary association of interested persons instituted and established for the sole and express purpose of fundraising for the Jeppe High School for Boys (“JHS”) rowing club. JBB has the specific goal of purchasing boats, blades and any other equipment that will allow Jeppe Rowing to compete in various inter-school rowing regattas.

We are committed to introducing more boys to rowing and facilitating the opportunity for them to compete with high end equipment. This ultimately compliments the efforts they make and has a direct impact on the potential outcome of every race.

Whilst working on our core purpose we’ve had the privilege of meeting oarsmen who rowed for Jeppe between 1958 (the year Dr Tomlinson, an ex-Jeppe boy himself, initiated schoolboy rowing in Gauteng) and the current season. We have seen a community of oarsmen who, regardless of age, share the Jeppe values that we recognize in ourselves, and which is summed up in the school’s motto, “nothing is too difficult for the brave.”

Through our collective actions we have seen that when a group of people come together with a common goal, there is nothing that can stand in their way.

Current Members are:

Simon Moore (Director of Rowing, Jeppe High School for Boys)
Greg Le Roux (ex-Jeppe Oarsman)
Tracy Roodt (Jeppe Rowing Club)
Alex Lake (Jeppe Rowing Club)
Louise De Azevedo (Jeppe Rowing Club)

What we hope to achieve with the Whisky & Spirits Bespoke tasting event

JBB was started in 2020. In the midst of COVID lockdowns and worldwide uncertainty, the Jeppe Rowing Community comprising of current and former oarsmen, coaches, parents, and the school were able to acquire 14 Boats for the club, through an auction held by Bishop Bavin school when they unfortunately had to close their doors. Jeppe High School for Boys were kind enough to outlay the money on our behalf to acquire these boats.

We have initiated the “adopt a boat scheme” to assist in paying back these funds and so far, we have managed to fully pay for 8 boats but there is still work to do. We still need R72k to pay off the last of the boats and we are hoping with this event that we will be able to achieve this target.

If people want to support the cause or make a donation they can go to the following link;

Adopt a Boat

If people have any queries they can contact:

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