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Whisky to You

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Cheers to being 21 years matured!

When It Comes to Whisky,
We’re World Renowned.

With over 21 years of industry experience under our belts, along with the world’s biggest whisky festival, we’re famous for showcasing the widest selection of international and South African whisky under one roof. Whisky Live now adds an exciting range of other premium spirits to our already-impressive offering, including gin, rum, vodka and more!

Expand your knowledge, share stories,
try something new and connect with creators of
some of the finest spirits around.

Coming Together to Enjoy
Spirits from Distilleries
Around the World

We’re connecting spirit drinkers with experts including master distillers and brand ambassadors, allowing these experts to share their history and knowledge, and to tell their intriguing stories and the experiences behind their brands and products.

Whether you are an average drinker of spirits, or a seasoned connoisseur, the purpose of Whisky Live is to encourage you to enjoy and share your stories of spirits, and to try some new ones from all over the world. Gather friends and neighbours and enjoy!

Intimate, Bespoke
Tastings Just for You

Whisky Live is your one-stop shop when it comes to intimate tasting events in South Africa. Whether it’s a whisky tasting in Johannesburg, Pretoria, or anywhere else in the country, with our wide network of contacts in the spirits industry, we can make it happen.

Unboxing Some Exciting
New and Aged Spirits

Much like unwrapping a gift you’ve always wanted, unboxing premium spirits from brands and distilleries around the world is thrilling (and addictive, if you ask us)! Whether it’s a new product or a limited edition, aged whisky statement, there is something to be said for making the unboxing of a spirit, an occasion.

Showcasing the Best of Whisky & Spirits Live

Join us as we celebrate spirits, friendships and good times.

As long as there are spirits to enjoy, we’ll be here.

Making Sense of the
Mystery Surrounding Whisky

We’re experts when it comes to all things whisky, and we want to share our knowledge with you, making things more fun. Even our aficionados might learn something new! Our Whizzky app gives you access to all the whisky info you need, from the palm of your hand.

“Too much of anything is bad,
but too much good whiskey is barely enough.”

– Mark Twain

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