Woman in Whisky

Woman in Whisky

We had a chat with Shauna Jennens, the The Dalmore’s Ambassador, ahead of the Whisky and Spirits Live 2017 Festival. Shauna is one of few women in the world of whisky.

Q. How did you get into the wonderful world of whisky?

A. After spending 21 years of my life in South Africa, I returned to the UK and the world of Advertising and Marketing. After visiting my sister who lives in the Highlands of Scotland, I thought I would love to live there. Marketing jobs were thin on the ground up that way and then I spotted the advert for a Distillery Visitor Centre Manager and Ambassador, and so I applied. It was such a surprise to get through the interview process and then to actually get the position! A true example of the right place at the right time!

Q.What does the Dalmore Visitor Experience entail?

A. At the Dalmore Distillery we host all levels of whisky drinkers, from people just getting into drinking whisky to connoisseurs and investors. It is important that everyone is immersed in the brands heritage and the passion that drives us to produce the premium whiskies that The Dalmore is renowned for today.

Q. How is working with Richard Paterson and what are the top 3 things you’ve learnt from him?

A. I love working with Richard, there is never a dull moment! We are actually quite similar and therefore I understand where he is coming from and his dedication to the industry. He has shared his knowledge, his passion and his unending work ethic with me and I am privileged to have spent so much time with one of the industry greats.

(Here is an example of Richard Paterson’s quirkiness in case you’re wondering why we asked the question!)

Q. What should one look out for when tasting Dalmore?

A. At The Dalmore, we are fortunate to have exclusive rights to the finest sherry bodega in Jeres de la frontera. We use their 30 Year Old Matusalem casks to finesse our whiskies. Culminating in a rich, complex full bodied whisky which is smooth and easy to drink

Q. Are you running a Master Class? If so, what can guests expect?

A. I am doing a masterclass on the Friday evening. I will be showcasing our new make spirit and also sampling the sherry from the casks we use so that guests completely understand our process from distillation to final maturation. Along with a little bit history and a splash of fun!

7.What’s your advice to first-time Festival-goers/ those who are new to whisky and not sure where to start?

Pace yourself! Walk around the show first and select the whiskies which interest you and that suit your palate. Then go back and try these for yourself. Leave the heavily peated ones for the end of the day and take notes of which ones you liked best as chances are you will not remember the next day! Have fun and enjoy it, it’s why we make it…