Win an Ice Machine worth R21 000 from Scotsman Ice

Win an Ice Machine worth R21 000 from Scotsman Ice

About the Brand



Having your own Scotsman ice machine, means you have the convenience of ice on hand. No more having to run to the store, no more having to remember to buy ice.

Choosing an ice maker to serve your needs does not have to be a daunting task. Scotsman provides all the technical specifications for your architect or cabinet designer to incorporate the ice machine into your home. We can also arrange to visit you at home to discuss the best location and unit to suit your needs.

The small self-contained EC46 with its rounded corners and pleasant appearance can be accommodated under counter, as long as sufficient airflow and ventilation for cooling purposes is provided, in addition the EC series has a PWD System (Progressive Water Discharge) for remote water discharge up to 15 metres away and 1.7 meters high.

The EC46 makes the Scotsman Gourmet Cube which is the best shape of ice available to enrich the drink, it is very important to have a solid piece of ice that will not melt too fast; otherwise it will just water down the beverage and limit the aroma.

The quality of the ice is as important as the quality of the Whiskey. There is so much attention on selection and in the preparation and storytelling of Whiskey, so it makes sense for people to use the best type of ice too.

Peace of mind comes standard with all Scotsman ice machine models.