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An exciting new flavour, look and feel. We come to you as Whisky & Gin Live - YES, you got that right, we are now adding Gin to our celebrations. Whisky and Gin aficionados can look forward to a wide range of Whiskies and Gins to suit their palates and preferences.

What's New

With wide arms we welcome our newcomers – Gin brands to our celebrations. This year we are coming to you bigger and better.

Adding a twist in our theme, Whisky and Gin Live plans to stay trendy, relevant and above average- we want to keep things hip and happening!

In this year’s theme we focus not only on our “obvious” whisky lovers but on new sippers that are young, fresh, appealing and wanting to explore their new attraction to whisky.

More changes your way- you can enjoy background music performances from local artists.

So, if you are looking for a fulfilling experience and a night to remember this celebration is for you; be it something different to do for a girls’ night / a guys’ night out or a fun date night, Whisky and Gin Live has a lot to offer.

Over and above the Whisky or Gin tastings – visitors will also have the opportunity to get their hands on a number of other delights to complement their Whisky and Gin experience.

High-end lifestyle products will be accessible from 17h00 at all events, while the Tasting Hall opens at 18h00 until 22h00.

There will be an onsite Deli with convenient ready to eat meals, soft drinks and coffee to end the night off.

 If you are interested in being an exhibitor please contact

Upcoming Events

Ticket Info

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General Access tickets are R260 from, and R290 at the door.

Ticket price includes a whisky tasting glass, 16 tasting vouchers and a complimentary bottle of Water.