Visit the home of Grey Hawk Gin

Visit the home of Grey Hawk Gin

If you’re on your way to the Kruger Park or exploring the Limpopo area, it’s well worth taking a slight detour and visiting the Qualito Craft Distillery, but be warned: book well in advance because the tour is becoming increasingly more popular. And for good reason.

The Qualito team offer a one hour tasting tour that includes a range of craft spirit tastings including gin and infused vodkas! Groups of only 10 people each per tour mean that the experience is intimate and there is time to savour each spirit. Convenient online booking also enables you to view the calendar to check available time slots which are from 11h00 – 18h00 Mondays to Saturdays. The tour is closed on Sundays.

Click here to book a tour for only R100 per person!

if you want something extra special, the team also offers an experience that they call “Ginstronomy”: the art of pairing flavours with Grey Hawk gin. Visitors will be taken on an epicurean journey to discover how wonderfully the world class, hand-bottled Grey Hawk Classic Craft Gin enhances food flavours to bring out their very best. The tour starts off with a sample of the Gin itself, allowing visitors to savour the tang of bold, traditional juniper enhanced by carefully selected secret botanicals. The finish is a sweet, floral spice, fresh citrus and crisp, dry lemon.

The tour proceeds to pair Grey Hawk Gin with subtle cheeses, smoky salmon and the sweet saltiness of oysters as Grey Hawk is a perfect match for most seafood.

“In fact,” says brewmaster Loumarie Raubenheimer, “You can even cure seafood with a little Grey Hawk, fresh lemon juice and a dusting of spices!” To book one of these experiential tours, email for a quote.

We would recommend stopping at the Qualito Distillery on the way to the Kruger National Park as we can’t think of a better sundowner than a Grey Hawk G & T paired with a simple, take-away Woollies cheese platter overlooking the bush!