Scotsman Ice at Whisky & Gin Live Celebrations

Scotsman Ice at Whisky & Gin Live Celebrations

Ever wondered who the official Ice sponsors for Whisky & Gin Live Celebrations are?  -Well, Scotsman Ice has always got our backs.

Scotsman is the world’s largest ice maker manufacture.

Hotels, restaurants, bars, supermarkets, fast-food outlets and numerous other types of businesses rely on them for ice: cube, flake, superflake, scale, dice, and gourmet ice, in small or large quantities of ice per day.

About the brand

Scotsman Ice Systems has focused single-mindedly on ice making technologies since the first day. They have over 60 years of enthusiasm and experience to be and remain the best.

They produce extensive and high-quality ranges of ice machines in 3 factories; located in USA, Italy and China. To date there are over 1 000 000 Scotsman ice machines installed worldwide.

Scotsman Ice Systems South Africa situated in Boksburg provides Southern Africa with new machines, back up service, spares, repairs and support.

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