Meet the Jack Daniel’s Family

Meet the Jack Daniel's Family

Jack Daniel’s hometown of Lynchburg, Tennessee has always featured strongly in the brand’s advertising over the 1501 years of Jack Daniel’s. But this year for Worker’s Day (1st May) – a day where South Africa commemorates and celebrates the cogs that keep the clock ticking – Jack decided to honour the town’s modern-day, real-life folks from Lynchburg.

We would like to introduce you to the 21st century Jack Daniel’s Family, a real celebration that recognizes the people behind Jack Daniel’s – the people who make Jack, Jack.

Leslie is our lead tour guide down here in Lynchburg. She’s interested in trying other jobs at the Distillery but admits she might have a hard time wrestling those nearly 240kg barrels.

Jackie’s worked at the Distillery for 22 years. She remembers back before Lynchburg got its one and only traffic light.

Chris doesn’t consider himself a foreman. He looks at it being a team captain. Although we’re not sure that rolling nearly 240kg barrels of Tennessee Whiskey is a sport, exactly

Brandon is a Distillery operator. So if you’re scrolling through your feed with a glass of Tennessee Whiskey in your hand, then you’re looking at the guy who made it.

This is Dusty Dicky. He’s descendent of the man himself, Mr Jack Daniel. That’s the kind of family tree we grow down in Lynchburg.