Inverroche at the Whisky & Spirits Live Festival

Inverroche at the Whisky & Spirits Live Festival

Inverroche, founded by Lorna Scott in 2011 and developed with the support of her family in the Southern Cape Coast fishing village of Still Bay, Inverroche Distillery has gone from a small home industry to the largest South African luxury boutique spirits brand.


About the brand

It all started as passion project focussed towards community and economic development for women in the Still Bay region. A handcrafted distillery creating uniquely South African spirits using fynbos botanicals from the Cape Floral Kingdom – the richest biome on the planet. The brand name is derived from the combination of two words that pay homage to the Scott ancestry. The Scottish work ‘Inver’ meaning “a confluence of water” and the French word ‘Roche’ meaning “rock or stone”- two of the very elements that gave life to the surrounding fynbos.


The Inverroche story is integrally linked to the drive and determination of Lorna Scott to improve the lives of others in her community. Upon returning to her roots in 2008, Scott strived to establish an industry that would grow the local economy while becoming a vehicle to further tell the story of the historical significance of the area and more specifically – fynbos.


Scott realised that by creating a global brand utilising botanicals from the Cape Floristic Region, she would not only be aleaviating the threat on this fragile biome from the agricultural development and invasive alien plants in the area, but also creating a pioneering product with the potential to increase the opportunities available to locals, especially women. Exploring the various options available to her, Scott rediscovered a pot still, Mini Meg, she had purchased while on holiday in Italy.

Now faced with a new challenge, she began educating herself on the process of distillation and infusion. While experimenting, she realised that this special ingredient, fynbos, gave the gin a unique colouring, something not seen in the market at the time. Holding herself accountable to her initial standard of creating a global brand, Scott refined the production process, business plan, brand identity and packaging to ensure her product would be suitable for the international shelves.

Launching the Fynbos Collection which consists of: Gin Classic, Gin Verdant and Gin Amber, she was now equipped with a product that met her requirements.

The handcrafted nature of Inverroche ensures that as the brand grows, so does the opportunity. Ingredients are hand selected and processed and the liquid is hand bottled, labeled and packaged. The lot number of every bottle is handwritten on the back to ensure the authenticity of the spirit. The packaging is of the finest quality, to ensure the experience of luxury is carried consistently through until completion of the sensorial journey; enjoying Inverroche. Lorna on her passion: “I continue to look for new ways of inspiring people to start talking about our past and possible futures while enjoying high quality spirits infused with history and hope.”


Meet Brand Ambassadors


Bo Devereux, South African Brand Ambassador for Inverroche Distillery. Her keen eye for aesthetics and goals of delivering innovative and out-of-the-box recipes makes for a leader within the fast-paced environment of hospitality and drinks.

High volume environments taught her many skills such as working under pressure, short timelines and thinking on her feet, but mixology as an artful skill had started booming and her creative soul yearned to know more of this liquid craft. She quickly found her niche working alongside Gareth Wainwright – known as the Godfather of the cocktail industry. The role pushed her to take the lead and run point in the bar while managing people. The challenges she faced gave her the confidence in herself to push past norms and boundaries and believe in her own capabilities, even while navigating a male dominated environment.

Welcoming the new world of spirits and brand, Devereux tapped into her knowledge from her aforementioned development and the use of cocktail menu development to establish her brand presence and this earned her the title of Head Mixologist.

Looking towards her future, she hopes to dominate the globe with her artistic nature, skillful approach and professional drive. We urge you to follow Bo’s story further on her Instagram, @bo_deveraux, as she takes you on a journey of lifestyle, fun and adventure through luxury spirits.


Ashley Smith, Junior South African Brand Ambassador for Inverroche Distillery. He boasts a wealth of knowledge on the brand having worked his way up the ranks by continuously showcasing his natural affinity for learning as well as teaching.

His talent was discovered in the tasting room at the Inverroche Distillery when Ashley, after only 3 short weeks of assisting, was able to conduct a full tasting for the senior management team. He developed quickly and was soon pulled into innovation and education and started training on the Gin School Program. The role out journey would show the promise in his speaking, presenting and communication skills and earmark him for the Junior Brand Ambassador role.

We look forward to witnessing the growth of Inverroche in the hands of such a talented individual and happily welcome him to the team.


Suretta Francis, Brand Home Consultant for Inverroche Distillery. Starting out as one of our production ladies, Suretta has lived the Inverroche Story in its entirety. First, the handcrafted bottling process, then moving to Front of House and interacting with consumers to finally a Brand Home Consultant – all in only 5 short months. Suretta would like to keep this momentum going and hopes to earn the title of Brand Ambassador for Inverroche with a greater goal of presenting the first Inverroche Masterclass at the top of the Eiffel Tower.


Andrea Francis, Brand Home Consultant for Inverroche Distillery. Andrea’s passion for biology and science cultivated and interest in the alchemy of the Inverroche Gin School Program. Her favourite element being the foraging for fynbos. Andrea is our quiet, but powerful asset as her shyness is apparent at first, but once she opens up her extensive research on gin, tonics and ancient uses of the juniper berry will have you enthralled for hours.