Introducing John Dewars and Sons Fine Whisky Emporium

Introducing John Dewars and Sons Fine Whisky Emporium

Every drop of Dewar’s condenses whisky wisdom acquired over many lifetimes. Dedication to craftsmanship and time-honoured traditions are vital for creating the classic character and keynotes of the whiskies. Rich sweetness, perhaps a touch of citrus, a hint of heather, and a trace of vanilla.

“Dewar’s true Scotch was the first blended Scotch whisky to be branded and bottled. And is proudly still crafted in the same way today as it was in 1846,” said Master Distiller Stephanie Macleod. “It is not only the most awarded blended Scotch whisky in the world but also the only one chosen to supply the royal household for over 100 years. We’re looking forward to giving South African Scotch drinkers the same royal treatment.”

Four products from the John Dewar & Sons Fine Scotch Whisky Emporium have now arrived in South Africa: Dewar’s 12 Year Old, Dewar’s 15 Year Old and a 12 Year Old and 18 Year old from the sought-after Aultmore Distillery. These were among an impressive 15-medal haul at the 2017 San Francisco World Spirits Competition (SFWSC).

Introducing Dewar’s 12 Year Old, known as “The Ancestor” which tastes of honey, home-made toffee apples and fudge. It is warm, buttery and mellow, and has a hint of fresh citrus, subtle vanilla and melted caramel.

Dewar’s 15 Year Old known as ‘The Monarch’ has a golden honey and decadent toffee sauce flavor, delicate floral aromas, and is smooth and well-rounded.

Often shrouded in fog, Aultmore distillery exudes a secretive air. Aultmore has been dubbed the ‘Rarest of Speyside’. This covert classic, rated ‘Top Class’ by industry experts, is linked to the mysterious terrain of the Foggie Moss, where wild, wet undergrowth of bracken, gorse and heather naturally filter the waters that furnish the distillery. Furthermore, the malted barley used to make Aultmore whisky is entirely free from peat smoke; another factor that ensures its exceptionally smooth and clean taste in which green, grassy notes abound. The limited edition range includes a 12 Year Old and an 18 Year Old, which were awarded Gold and Double Gold medals at the SFWSC respectively.

Taste Dewar’s and Aultmore at Whisky & Spirits Live in Johannesburg from 8 – 10 November at the Sandton Convention Centre!

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