Dram Discovery Shop at the Whisky & Spirits Live Festival

Dram Discovery Shop at the Whisky & Spirits Live Festival

Dram Discovery Shop the first and only Black-owned, family-run online Whisky Specialist Retailer in the world. Cost is the chief impediment to trying and discovering new Whisky and is a barrier to entry.

Venturing into the world of Whisky can be a very costly exercise as, in the journey of discovery, one may likely end up with a “bottle of disappointment”. Dram Discovery thus creates value by ensuring that all the Whiskies available for sale by the bottle on our online shop are also available by the Dram (25ml To Be Specific).


Dram Discovery Shop’s commitment to Whisky Lovers requires that they keep abreast of international Whisky industry developments and this is reflected in the type of whisky they offer on our online shop. Their Whisky selection process is meticulously researched by a dedicated team with a taste for quality drams. Although their primary branch of interest is on Recherche Whisky (which refers to very rare, exotic and carefully sought out Whisky), we also supply Malt Whisky, Independent Scotch Whisky Bottlings, Single Cask Bottlings, Customised Tasting Kits, Latest Release Whisky Expressions,


Discontinued, Collectable and World Whiskies. Dram Discovery, therefore, introduces a product offering that is distinct and embraces the experiential value in how they engage with the market.


Founded In 2018 by Mr Pontsho Mashile from Atteridgeville, Pretoria, Dram Discovery is a cornucopia of Whisk(e)y pleasures. The company has offices in both Atteridgeville and Soweto.


Meet the founder and researcher of Dram Discovery Shop

The founder of dram discovery Mr Pontsho Mashile is what can be defined as a malt whisky explorer, flavour chaser who is always ready for a palate challenge and on the quest to discover unique flavours that are to be experienced when sampling malt whisky. Born and bred in a small township of Atteridgeville situated west of Tshwane, Pretoria in December 1986.

His whisky journey began at a relatively young age with a curious palate and a desire for distinction armed with an intense passion for discovering obscure drams that most people would overlook on liquor store shelves. This passion of discovering obscure dram is what informs his whisky branch of interest now, which is single cask, cask strength independently bottled scotch malt whisky expressions, he has an affinity for ex bourbon cask matured peated malt whisky.

Dram Discovery is born out of a desire to share his dram discoveries with fellow malt whisky lovers and serves as a whisky academy for the South African whisky loving community.

For the immediate term, Mashile’s area of focus is on building the dram discovery brand, using the advantage of our cultural reach to speak to markets previously ignored by the mainstream whisky industry and acknowledging women as a key consumer segment.

For the medium term, the company is looking at diversifying beyond the current online platform, expanding to many other exciting areas of contact with whisky lovers in South Africa and beyond.

They are also working on establishing a whisky academy, with the sole intention of exposing the youth of South Africa to the many exciting career opportunities along the whisky value chain. The curriculum for the academy will be developed in partnership with a leading South African tertiary institution.

At this year’s Whisky &Spirits Live Festival, dram discovery will also be launching a membership subscription box comprising customised sampling kits. Details will be available at the 2019 event.



    November 6, 2019

    Just encountered them at the Whisky Live and they are absolutely phenomenal.