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Whizzky Mad

By Whisky Live Staff 19-02-2017

If you’re a whisky lover, a fan of the dram, a worshipper of the golden liquid then you should have downloaded Whizzky Whisky Scanner App by now. It’s available on iOS and Android and it’s everything you need to take your love of whisky to another (digital) level. You might’ve downloaded it in exchange for 5 additional tasting vouchers at Whisky Live and then uninstalled without really playing with it. If you did, we urge you to take a proper look at the app even only because it’s got loads of new features since November.

Here’s the lowdown of what to expect from Whizzky:

  • Scan bottle labels and get info delivered to the palm of your hand in seconds
  • Create your own, invite-only Whisky Club and your members will have access to what you are up to on Whizzky on their newsfeeds
  • Check your newsfeed daily and keep up with what’s been liked, collected and made note of by your club and others who have made their notes public
  • Like your Favourite whiskies
  • Create a Wishlist of whiskies you really want to own
  • Add whiskies you already own to your Collection
  • Learn about the latest and greatest in the world of whisky by reading the articles and features posted twice a week
  • Enter competitions

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