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3 Interesting Facts about Monkey Shoulder

By Whisky Live Staff 16-03-2017

The freedom to cavort, eat, dance, chill, even be rotten while enjoying some damn fine drinks shall be yours with Monkey Shoulder!

1. Making Monkey Shoulder

Monkey Shoulder, as a free-spirited, fun-loving ‘triple’ malt with an easygoing smooth, rich and mellow vanilla deliciousness is determined to mix things up in a world where tradition reigns. The vatting is a mix of three of Speysides finest single malts making the worlds first triple malt whisky. All three are from “first-fill” ex-bourbon casks. When its ready the triple malt whisky gets bottled and receives its triple monkey badge.

2. What’s with the name?

Monkey Shoulder is labelled “Batch 27” as a reference to the original experimental batching of 27 casks. Now, runs of Monkey Shoulder are made 27 casks at a time, although the batches are not individually numbered. Rooted in malt whisky lore, the name monkey shoulder referred to a temporary injury suffered by the malt-men when turning the barley by hand. As working practices have since changed, the injury no longer exists and now the name Monkey Shoulder lives on as an affectionate tribute to the malt-men of Yore in recognition of the times they suffered for their art.

3. Tasting the monkey

Nose: Crisp, clear malty grains, almost beery. A touch of lemon. No nose-tickle or heavy scents of oak, just lightly sweet and round. After a rest in the glass, there is a heavy layer of vanilla extract.

Palate: Initially a wave of lemon peel and caramel accompanied by slight tongue burn. This passes quickly, leaving nougat, mineral water (almost like tonic, with a touch of herbal-like quinine) and vanilla frosting.

Finish: Short. Nougat all over, nutty and sweet, but quickly vanishing with a fading hint of dry oaky tannins and a bit of charcoal which leaves the mouth wishing for a little better balance.

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