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Aberlour at Whisky & Gin Live Celebrations

By Whisky Live Staff 07-05-2019

It is universally recognised as one of the finest single malt Scotch whiskies being produced today.

Aberlour’s small and intimate distillery is located in a magical spot in the village of Aberlour, Scotland, next to the River Spey, surrounded by water from the Lour Burn, ‘the chattering burn’.It holds a special place in the hearts of malt lovers who flock to its award-winning visitor centre.

James Fleming, the whisky’s founder, established Aberlour Distillery in 1879, choosing a place that not only provided a sure supply of spring water, but was a place rooted in ancient times, noted for its magical relationship with the water.

About the brand

Aberlour is a single malt with a deeply complex taste, for the discerning amongst us.

They hail from the small village of Aberlour that lies by the foot of the mighty Ben Rinnes, Scotland. This magical place sits where the Lour burn joins the River Spey and is perfectly placed to offer an abundance of nature’s gifts.

They have always trodden our own path. Driven by our founder James Fleming’s family motto, ‘Let the deed show’, they always let their whisky speak for itself. After all, the proof is in the drinking.

Aberlour make Speyside’s finest single malt. But they never shout about it. They are quietly confident, because they believe those who seek a hidden gem will always find them.

At the very heart of everything they do, are four fundamental truths that unite to create a single malt of exceptional character:

1.The philosophy of SLOW

Double cask, double depth. A fine example of their slow philosophy is their double cast maturation. The raw spirit first matures in handpicked Spanish sherry casks and American bourbon barrels. After at least 10 years, the two liquids are carefully married to create a unique range of complex flavours that distinguish their single malts from all others.

2.Locally sourced INGREDIENTS

Aberlour’s uniquely rewarding depth of character is derived from two fundamentally important ingredients, barley – grown within

15 miles of the distillery and the pure, soft water of the Ben Rinnes. By using only the best local ingredients they continue to deliver a truly unique taste and Speyside’s finest single malt.


Their people are one of greatest assets. They pride themselves on their commitment to their community who have shaped them from the very beginning into who they are today. From father to son, experience and passion has been handed down. For example three of our current employees – Rob, Colin and Kevin – who are 2nd generation distillers, all their fathers having taught them their craft over the years.

4.Our Distillery

Their discrete distillery sits at a magical location where the Lour burn joins the River Spey, in the village of Aberlour, Scotland. Aberlour, translates in Gaelic as ‘Mouth of the chattering burn’, which refers to the exceptionally crisp water from which the distillery draws its soft spring water from. With a history that stretches back over a thousand years and lying in the heart of Speyside, Aberlour is perfectly placed to accept all of nature’s bountiful gifts.

Today, Aberlour’s distillers and blenders have a combined 120 years of experience. It is this depth of experience and unwavering vision that delivers the outstanding quality for which Aberlour is famed.

The expert layering of spirit and cask has created a range of superlative single malt whiskies with layers of complexity and a velvet richness.

The brand ambassador

THE Glenlivet’s new South African Brand Ambassador Marco Vandeput is the epitome of THE discerning gentleman. An important quality when one represents a whisky brand that owns the reputation of being THE single malt whisky in the world.

At just 27 years of age, this impeccably turned-out and well-travelled young man who boasts 4 globally recognized degrees, including a double Bachelor and Master’s degree in International Business Management and who recently graduated from the renowned Chivas Brothers Whisky Academy in Scotland, is a global citizen who has travelled the world - yet remains his own man in every way.

Born in Belgium and raised in Johannesburg, his roots are firmly planted in Mzansi, though he brings a uniquely Eurocentric flair to his new role. His love affair with whisky began in 2011 when he and a Scottish friend first shared a peated dram together while studying in Denmark. ‘I believe that first dram is what set me on my path to representing THE Glenlivet & Aberlour - the drinks of choice for discerning gentlemen when savouring meaningful moments, ‘ he says.

Clearly smitten with his new role as custodian of the single malt brands, his passion for THE Glenlivet & Aberlour’s finely crafted whisky range is infectious. Marco regards it as a privilege to represent these leading whisky brands, with its rich heritage and superior quality.

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