A Taste of True Scotch

A Taste of True Scotch

When you buy a bottle of Scotch Whisky you buy a whole lot more than liquor in a bottle. You’re buying heritage, you’re buying culture, you’re buying the blood of one small nation. Amongst Whiskies, Dewar’s certainly has the heritage, it’s utterly authentic and it cannot be imitated by those who don’t have it.

This is why it’s called Dewar’s True Scotch: the first and oldest bottled blended whisky. In fact, it could be said that blended whisky as we know it can be attributed to John Dewar.

Dewar’s Scotch was created by men of substance. John Dewar was born in 1805, when he was a young man he walked to Perth, where the people were drinking Cognac and Irish Whiskeys. So began his mission – to get people drinking Scotch. Later his sons joined the business. Tommy was the maverick: travelling to 26 different countries, he brought Dewar’s to the world. Tommy’s raconteur spirit is our inspiration for the Scotch Egg Club. A club that we invite all with the same taste for adventure and appreciation of wit to be a part of!

What does True Scotch taste like, you ask? Expect to taste a blend that is complex and interesting, with honeyed sweetness, the floral notes of heather, and a slight hint of smokiness at the end. You’ll find these True Scotch notes throughout the Dewar’s Fine Whisky Emporium Range.

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